General Information

Full Name Emily Bown
Title Developer
Phone 07772711227
Location Norwich, Norfolk


  • 2017
    CertHE Mathematics
    University of Reading


  • Core Competencies
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Node.js & npm
    • TypeScript Development
    • PHP Development
    • WordPress
    • Python and AutoHotkey Scripting
  • Other Skills
    • Excel and VBA/Macros
    • Google Apps Script
    • SQL & MySQL
  • Programs
    • Git & GitHub
    • Microsoft Office Suite / Office 365


  • 2022 - 2024
    • Provided first-line technical support within the business
    • Streamlined internal processes to save time and money
    • Trained a team to manage CMS websites
    • Job Duties
      • Delivered projects to clients, including handovers and training clients in person, then providing remote support
      • Identified areas to save time & money across the business, and proposed then implemented solutions
      • Built new internal tools using Excel and VBA to assist person and project management
      • Provided first-line IT support for all team members
      • Trained new and existing employees in WordPress and Microsoft Office Suite
    • Key Achievements
      • Automated a large number of internal processes using Python and AutoHotkey scripting
      • Built a project management system with automated monthly reporting to replace the manual process, increasing accuracy and saving time
      • Created extensive documention which significantly reduced time required to train new starters
  • 2021 - 2022
    Suffolk Libraries
    • Assisted the Volunteer Coordinator with the management of volunteers across all libraries in Suffolk
    • Key Achievements
      • Revamped the Home Library Service to track everything digitally, reducing the risk of lost books and allowing housebound customers to order books online for delivery
      • Implemented a Long Service Award system by creating a spreadsheet to highlight volunteers reaching milestone years, and training the Volunteer Coordinator to use the sheet

Personal Hobbies

  • Cooking
    • Time Management
  • Old School Runescape
    • Competitive Environment
    • Game Engine Mastery
  • Pokémon GO
    • Strategy & Planning